The Kuranda Scenic Railway is a train journey between Cairns and Kuranda, located in far north Queensland. The train goes through The Wet Tropics of this region and it's so immersive that you can smell, hear and almost touch the lush nature around.

With 34 kms / 21,12 miles of distance between the start and end stations, the journey takes 1h 45 minutes. During this time you will go through several highlights, like the Barron Gorge National Park. Here the train stops at a lookout so that passengers can appreciate the stunning Barron Falls.

Kuranda train station exterior
Outside Kuranda train station - Copyright by Queensland Rail
Deep into the rainforest
Deep into the rainforest - Copyright by Queensland Rail
Nature left and right
Nature left and right - Copyright by Steel Wool/Flickr
Kuranda train
Kuranda train - Copyright by John/Flickr
Top view from Kuranda station
Top view from Kuranda station- Copyright by Queensland Rail
An exotic outside view of Kuranda scenic railway
An exotic outside view of Kuranda scenic railway - Copyright by Graeme Chuchard/Flickr

The Journey

You will be inside heritage style carriages that were first built at Ipswich in 1909-1910, in what can be defined as a living documentary of the history of this railway. The purpose was only for tourism and with a reason as you will find out during the journey. Unfortunately, WWII stopped touristic operations on the line and the carriages were converted to ambulances to transport Allied soldiers that fought in the northern tropics and who needed to be moved on to the south in 1942. The journey at that time took 48 hours and was made between Townsville and Brisbane 

After the war, the carriages were converted back to conventional ones. Currently, they are coated by timber and show you the charm of old train travelling. You can choose between different types of service which offers several features to spoil you...for example the Gold Class offers individual style lounge chairs for a more confortable journey.

The train goes through the forest, passing spectacular waterfalls and different kinds of trees, plants and animals in a wide range of colors and smells. There's also a 10min stop in the Barron Gorge station where you can appreciate a stunning bird's eye view of Barron Gorge falls.

Barron Falls station
A brief stop at Barron Falls station for a panoramic bird's eye - Credit Queensland Rail 
Colorful birds around
Expect to see colorful birds like this - Copyright Ian Duffy / Flickr 
Inside Gold Class coach
Inside Gold Class coach - Copyright Carolien Coenen / Flickr
Inside Heirtage Class coach
Inside Heirtage Class coach - Copyright John / Flickr

Tickets and Rail Passes

There are two types of class, Gold and Heritage. Gold class offers a more luxury service, including food and drinks typical of Queensland and local Tablelands while seating in individual lounge style chairs.

Here are the fares below:

Kuranda Scenic Railway Adult Child Family
Heritage Class (One Way) $50.00 / €30 $25.00 / €15 $125.00 / €77
Heritage Class (Return) $76.00 / €47 $38.00 / €24 $190.00 / €117

Kuranda Scenic Railway Adult Child Family
Gold Class (One Way) $99.00 / €61 $74.00 / €46 $321.00 / €199
Gold Class (Return) $174.00 / €107 $136.00 / €84 $582.00 / €360

Places to visit

There are many activities that you can do besides the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Amongst them are the Kuranda Koala Gardens where you can visit Australia's unique animals, like koalas, wombats, kangurus etc. Several activities include rainforest journeys on a ATV where you can find several fruits like jackfruit, mangosteen, durians, carambola and plenty of others and last but not the least you may encounteer cassowaries.

To check out more go to Kuranda's information center website

A cute Koala
Say hi to this cute koala- Copyright by Erik Veland / Wikimedia

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